Swatara Auto Service; Steelton, PA

Sisk Autobody (Maryland)

Virtual October Tech Company (York, PA)

Rental World (Lancaster, PA)

Barenquero Cafe (State College, PA)

Sigma Property Management (Baltimore, MD)

Morgan Paws and Pets (York, PA)

American Telephony (Downingtown, PA)

Conrad's Deli; York, PA

Kid-to-Kid Consignment (York, PA)

Gifty Baskets (Hanover, PA)

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Outdoor Expressions; Mechanicsburg, PA

Accolades Personal Care; New Freedom, PA

Sparkle Wash (York, PA)

Smoothie King (York, PA)

Galloping Groomer (York, PA)

B&T Cheese (York, PA)

Corish's Garage (York, PA)

Businesses Sold

Pizza Box (York, PA)